Letters To Eve

Eve Hinson
Finding Meaning In Mental Illness

Letters to Eve: Break the Silence of Mental Illness is a grassroots project to prompt authentic conversations, highlight community mental health issues and successes (from personal to legislative), promote advocacy and education, break stigmas and foster positive personal and community action without the interpretation of stigma and judgement.

Because the consequences of the the mental illness stigma are alive and real, letters maybe sent using a pseudonym.

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In Search Of … Looking for letters from folks who experience mental health challenges, their family and friends, those in supportive positions in the community and anyone related to the mental health field. Your words and voices matter. Your experience and understanding of the challenges are authentic. We, as a community, need to speak up, speak out, educate, actively listen, ruminate and be able to do so without worry of stigma and egos.

Letters can be from personal experience about the journey with a mental health illness and challenges to any experience related to mental health. And do tell it like it is. Please keep the letter to one focus/idea and try not to go over 700 words.

Want to write a letter, but looking for focus or topics to get started?

Some topics for thought:

  • Mental Illness and Health in the Community
  • Mental Illness and Stigma
  • Mental Illness and the Homeless
  • Mental Illness and Poverty
  • Mental Illness and Art/Creativity
  • Creative Pieces (digital submissions of art, poetry and short prose are accepted for this section.)
  • Resources

I’m throwing out a few here, but know there are so many topics that can be included. Please help me in getting this conversation started by writing a Letter To Eve at writefirstdaily@gmail.com. You may include your real name or pseudonym. If you’re especially hesitant to share because of the stigma, feel free to write from a one-time gmail/email account. You share what you want, the rest will remain anonymous.

Letters can also be submitted using the form below:


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