Resource: Rights for Individuals in Mental Health Facilities

It’s important to know that if you’re challenged with a mental illness you have rights, even when admitted to a mental health facility. The information below is specific to California, but other states have similar rights outlined and many can be found online. Advertisements

Resource: Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

JAN (Job Accommodation Network) answers questions about workplace disability accommodations, or questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Wonder if your job can make a reasonable accommodation for your disability? Ask the folks at JAN. They are a source of free, expert and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. They work with…

Resource: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness and considered the voice of reason on mental illness. It’s the largest grassroots organization geared towards improving the lives of those with mental illness and their families. The organization is affiliated in more than 1,100 communities across America. How can they help you? Some highlights …

A Reporter’s Media Guide to Mental Illness

The University of Washington created “Media Guide: Background Information and a Guide for Reporting Mental Illness.” This project is incredible and a great resource for those reporting the news. It’s time to break the stigma of mental illness and decouple violence from the diagnosis. To read and print, visit here.