#AutisticSilencers | The Spin Cycle of Autism Speaks & Partners Marketing

American Badass Activists

downloadWatch how this works — First the inspirational feel-good news story about an employed Autistic wearing — none other — Autism Speaks Partner’s Logo, Home Depot.  

The emotional power behind Autistic feel-good stories is incredible for free and viral marketing. Makes it great to send out press releases to all media promoting partnerships, and grabbing even more inspiration media.

Then the partnership with Philips Lights to Light-It-Up-Blue, with light bulbs available only at Home Depot online or in the store.

That seems awesome, right? It would … if, for starters, it supported the #actuallyautistic.  Also, it feels smarmy that from all the noise and revenue that the Light-It-Up-Blue campaign generates, only $600k  year is donated to Autism Speaks?

And with Autism Speaks’ budget, they spend only 4% on family services. So I’m not sure which kids they’re helping. And to my horror, I discovered a whole bucket of Smarmville…

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