Culture Clash | Autistic Erasure Starts At Home

American Badass Activists

af72d46c492a8c5e951cbca22315e369This meme is an example of Autistic co-opting, appropriation and erasure. 

Basic available options:

  • Autisic parent of Autistics.
  • Neurotypical parent of Autistics.

I am an Autistic mom to 2 Autistic kiddos and 1 Neurotypical kiddo. 

Terms like Autism family, autism parent, autism dad and autism mom — NO. That’s co-opting and erasure.

987c78b768a7329fec637d5b503373afI find it really odd, and rather funny actually, if I ran out and bought t-shirts so we could support our one kiddo that say Neurotypical Family. Have all the other kiddos wear them and now . . . we’re neurotypical together?

Let’s ignore mom’s stimming and vastly different thought process — we’re all putting our brains into a conformity box and going NT on outings to show our support and inclusiveness. 

And co-opt the NT experience as our own – polluting culture, community and freedom to discover personhood of our youngs with our Autistic perception…

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