Open Letter | #BeautyforAutistics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Can You Help #ActuallyAutisticWomen Be Seen?

American Badass Activists

I emailed the letter below to all contact info I could find for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Mainly, customer service.


Seeking support in #beautyforautistics campaign. I’m Eve Hinson (almost Reiland) and am Autistic — also an activist, writer and artist.

First, Autism is not what most folks think it is — even neurotypical (non-autistic) parents of autistics can be clueless about our community and culture. Autistics are actually in the middle of a huge civil rights movement.


But beyond that to glittery, metallic things — Autistics want makeup marketed to them – not about them for non-autistics. Right now makeup companies are ignoring actually Autistic women, and marketing their products to neurotypical moms of autistic kids. Worse they are using proceeds to donate to Autism Speaks — actually Autistic consider them a hate group and mega corp. Not the grassroots organization folks think. Ugh.

So now I’m in an…

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