Petition · Kiehl’s: End your #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign ·

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Kiehl’s: End your #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign

Source: Petition · Kiehl’s: End your #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign ·

Dear Kiehl’s,

You recently launched the #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign, pledging to donate one dollar to the group Autism Speaks every time that your promotional video is shared on social media. In addition, you have released a limited-edition facial cream in collaboration with actor Matthew McConaughey, from which proceeds of sales will also be donated to Autism Speaks.

We know that a commitment to supporting charitable causes is important to your company, and we agree with the statement in your video that Autistic children need support – though we would add that Autistic adults do as well, and are often forgotten about by the public. But regardless of your good intentions with this campaign, your involvement with Autism Speaks is harmful and alienating to your Autistic customers.

Autism Speaks is a hate group

Autism Speaks is widely considered…

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