Evolution of Eve | Hope Lost

American Badass Activists

Its ok. I know its my fault. Be better if I had died.

(Written as an email by Eve Hinson on 10/2/12)

no, i’m not being knee-jerk here. lets get real. i’m the one fucking up the equation.

you all would be stable it it weren’t for me and my moods. my kids are being raised by someone like *. i shouldn’t be here.
i knew i shouldn’t have bought the jeep. i kept thinking you were thinking it was wrong.
You explained things to me. We don’t have a marriage. We have a crazy woman and a guy who says, “yes.”
forget portland. sorry seattle was a bad idea. i’m not lookkign for yes — i’m asking for your  true opinion. I rely on it. So it’s is on you too. I asked. I wasn’t sure. Now i hate it. and this. and my fucking life.
my son doesn’t…

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