Evolution of Eve | Too Crazy To Manage Finances

American Badass Activists

Had some news. Approved for SSDI. The kicker is the doctor doesn’t think I’m competent to handle my finances.

(Originally sent as an email by Eve Hinson on 5.19.12, plus following responses on 5.20.12)

Listened to the lady call Jim at work and do paperwork so my checks, and the kids’, are deposited to his account. Get labeled mental and everything they give you costs a pound of dignity.

I’ve decided to take my netbook with me next time. That way if I need to tell them they’re an asshole, I can do so without stuttering.

I felt so humiliated. Sorted into the less-than-human category. Yesterday, devastated. Today numb and gardening. Between those moments, I’m so angry. So fucking angry.

About that, about being sick and not knowing what’s really wrong. Realizing I’m never going to wake up some morning and be better. That’s probably a no…

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