To Steve Brandau | We’re begging for help & This is our help (pt 1)

American Badass Activists


Often I get emails, messages, video chats with others about their experiences with mental illness and associated services. Received a message about the care at Exodus, the crisis hospital for those with severe mental illness.

Here’s a snippet from a person who recently experienced for the first time the crisis 5150 process:

I mourn for those that sat in the recliner before me that did not survive due to the shit care you receive there.

I think 9am or so rolls around and they are calling people out. I notice something about these people. (the men are in the same building occupying 2 or 3 other recliner rooms) anyone of them could have entered our room at any time and no one would have noticed).

All of the first round of people being seen are clearly homeless. Finally they force a woman who had been sound asleep in her…

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