Fresno’s Mental Health Community Wonder Woman a Candidate for NAMI California Board | Endorsed (A Vote for Chris is a Vote for Peer Voice!)

American Badass Activists

Christina A. Valdez-Roup | Executive Director, NAMI Fresno

Core Competencies / Expertise

Sectors: Business, Non-Profit, Education, Law Enforcement
Competencies: Financial and Fundraising
Region: Central California

Member of NAMI Fresno County

Candidate’s plan to help NAMI California move forward:

Become one of the most accomplished mental health organizations in the state

“Since joining NAMI Fresno, I have recognized the value of collaborating in our community and have worked towards building strong partnerships with key stakeholders. We have grown in our capacity to deliver support groups, classes, and many presentations, both signature and customized to help reduce stigma and educate our community as a whole. As our awareness and presence have been elevated in the Central Valley, we have become the point agency for agencies such as law enforcement,

school districts/educators, hospitals, mental health providers, criminal justice leaders, families and loved ones. Through these efforts and with the national and state recognition…

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