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2010-12-25_13-08-40_670[msg 1]

Man, been a rough couple of days. Made sure to kiss my kids goodbye every time I left the house, not knowing if I’d see ’em again.

(By Eve Hinson, originally written in an email to a close friend on 12.24.2010)

Got tremors so bad Jim said I made Michael J. Fox look like a brain surgeon. Couldn’t walk w/o my cane and support from a human. Couldn’t drive. Almost wrecked three times before I clued in it was my head blanking out w/o warning.

On disability right now for six months. They looked for tumors, ms, als, stroke, brain bleeds. You name it.

Had me on Valium to try and stop the tremors, but that didn’t work and kept me awake. Ugh, too much shit to go into more. But glad to be home again.

Doctor said this drug is reversible. I just have to give it time. Have…

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