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The morning air was chilled with the slight wind that blew across the parking lot behind Yoshino’s cafe. The Rampage staff waited patiently for our instructor and our transportation. We waited and waited.

(By Genevieve Hinson (aka Eve), originally published in Fresno City College’s newspaper, “The Rampage,” on 11.12.1997)

Our instructor showed in good time but, sadly, the van we requested for the trip did not. In confusion and cold we waited some more. The campus police department was sincere and understood our disappointment, and they did all they could to make the appropriate connections. Bummed at our situation, we knocked all seven of our heads together (ouch!) to come up with a plan. Scrambling and desperate for a vehicle, phone calls were made. Being the college students that we are, our cars were no dependable enough for the trip.

Lowering our adult personas back to the days of being…

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