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5143_95002462822_7779606_n Tory | 2008

My snuffle-snore-filled dreams were invaded. Did someone just call my name? Smack, squinch, swipe: I rubbed the crust off my eyes and looked at the light-up baby monitor. 

[Originally published under Genevieve Choate/Hinson on MotherofConfusion.com era 2008/2009]

Hmm, the red bars weren’t flashing. If there was any noise, it’d show it. Silly brain, it was tricking me again. I rolled over, snuggled into the covers and spooned my partner. 


Uh oh, there it was again. I propped up on an elbow and looked at monitor. 

This time there was no confusion. The baby monitor bars flashed five levels high.  

Ugh, I didn’t want to get up. I plopped back down on the pillow. If I closed my eyes and kept quiet Tory would find his sippy cup of water and go back to sleep. He’d settle himself back into the blissful embrace of Slumberland. 

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