Rumor | Kings View Hired and Then De-hired Peers

American Badass Activists

fact_check_2This rumor appears to be a fact.

Two peer volunteers at Blue Sky Wellness Center (managed by Kings View Behavioral Health and funded by Prop. 63), Valerie Stephens and Ashli Moore, were hired  and, soon after, de-hired.

Yes, de-hired without an hour officially on the clock or paycheck seen.

Recently,  American Badass Activists received a letter from Valerie about the situation.

kingsviewI was one of two  members at Blue Sky who has lived mental health experience, and was hired to do peer support at the center.

However, Kings View management went back on their agreement to hire us, even after we had received our employment packets.

Eventually they went on to hire someone without lived experience.  I am so upset about this matter that I am considering getting a lawyer.” — Valerie Stephens

Wow, talk about feeling burned. Many peers, with mental illness onset in teens and early adulthood, often…

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