Mental illness is not a joke. Show #Compassion4JakeLloyd


Stigma can stop with you. Jake Lloyd suffers from Schizophrenia and complications of the illness has been spotlighted everywhere. The reactions are predictably cruel and the spirit of jokes horrendous and mean. It’s time to stop this mockery of this human’s crisis and suffering.

It’s heart breaking how much celebrities have to suffer even more when they have a mental disability and it’s symptoms and behaviors are judged, made into jokes and these folks are dehumanized. The same people who were loved and excelled when they were well.

This is stigma and it’s disgusting. Please show your compassion on social media and put a stop to this type of shaming. Be human online too.

Also, let others know with love and kindness they can do better and show #Compassion4JakeLloyd. He is worthy of it, appropriate treatment and privacy to heal.

When he gets home, someone please take him a casserole.

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