#Team51Fifty Fans: Autism Awareness is About Acceptance Too


Do you know the ‪#‎autismawareness‬ movement was one of self-advocacy as well as seeking better support and services for our children, getting health insurance to cover services, support families getting their IEP/504/School Behavior plans in place and, oh, you know, to demand that children and people living with autism are treated with respect, not bullied and be included in social activities like attending school, movies and church.

It wasn’t just about whether to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. It was more than taking a stand for our children with autism and demand they be supported in all their environments and seek more help — It’s a movement of self-advocacy and acceptance.

Yes, acceptance. I accept I have autism/aspergers and I like me. So no, don’t want a cure. That doesn’t make me less autistic. It makes me comfortable with who I am — just like I’m comfortable with having brown eyes, being a lesbian and being tall.

I also love the ocean. Someone mentioned their child hated being called quirky because of autism — and I was something or other. Anyhow, I found that interesting because I’ve never associated my being quirky with autism. I’ve always associated it to my ability to code like a girl.

My daughter inherited my quirkiness, but not autism. I’m also not slapping a label on a beverage called: Quirky: Activate Your Aspie Powers! either.

I’m a writer, artist and advocate. Quirky is my self-identification and not a product for purchase. Argument is invalid. Apples and oranges.

Also, autism isn’t a mental illness.

If you are wanting to learn more about autism … do some research. Here are some links to get you started …






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