‪#‎TheReal5150‬ Social Media Advocacy Campaign: A Year of Success | In Review Series: #1

Huge shout out with tremendous gratitude and thanks to the 65 people who’ve signed the Change.org petition: 51 Fifty Energy Drink Stop Promoting Mental Illness Stigma

Many thanks to all of you (if I missed one please holler, I really do want your name on this list because you’re totally awesome.):

Sandra Weppner, Bermuda Dunes, CA
Courtney Winstead-Alves, Fresno, CA
Rhonda Jane Wirzberger-Thornton, Fresno, CA
Tim David, Ashburn, VA
Rebekah (Beka) Mason, Chowchilla, CA
Randi Ryan, Visalia, CA
Bert Hansen, Fresno, CA
A’anna O’Reilly, Clovis, CA
Jessica Thomas, Fresno, CA
Jennifer Prices, Davis, CA
Deejay Haas, Chatanooga, TN
Becky Korreckt, Hixon, TN
Amanda Jones, Middle Valley, TN
Connor White, Chattanooga, TN
Christina Morrison, Signal Mountain, TN
Kacie Boyd, Fresno, CA
Richard Bellows, Woodland, CA
Catherine Harvey, Opelika, AL
Melanie Butterworth, Brooksville, FL
Jasmine Young, Palmdale, CA
Kira Marie, Vancouver, BC
Maritza Vindell, Clovis, CA
Lillian Fillpot, Fresno, CA
Curtis Q Thornton, Fresno, CA
Kim Rose, Fresno, CA
And me, Eve Hinson, of course.

If you’d like to join these friggin’ amazing awesome people taking a stand to break the stigma of mental illness – please add your name to the change.orgpetition. Every time a person signs the petition — emails are automatically sent to Carlos Vieira, SaveMart, Fresh and Eash, Sonoma Raceway showing your support. and your support is GREATLY appreciated. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon


#TheReal5150 don’t ‪#‎livethemadness‬ by choice. That’s how you can tell the difference between a survivor and a poseur. ‪#‎51FiftyEnergy‬ ‪#‎carlosvieira‬‪#‎dobetter‬


For the record: I’m mentally disabled and proud. ‪#‎middlefinger2stigma‬


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