SaveMart Responds to Peer Inquiry About Stigmatized 51-Fifty Energy Drink


My friend, Michael Cunningham, sent me a message yesterday that he had sent a message to Save Mart and got this response:

Hi, Michael. Thank you for letting us know your concern. We take the ethics of our products very seriously, and we’ve passed your comments to the appropriate individuals for review. Take care.

He followed up with a status inquiry and received this response from SaveMart:

Hi, Michael. While there is no update at this time, we’d like to thank you for following up with this. We can assure you that the ethics behind our products are hugely important to us, and we’ll continue to look into this matter and take your feedback into account. Thank you.

So folks — SaveMart values ethics behind their products and they’ll continue to look into this matter.

If you believe ‪#‎TheReal5150‬ are worthy (and ‪#‎weareworthy‬) and want to help bring positive change, awareness and education about mental illness to one of our most supportive local businesses, please do and do so kindly to help break the stigma. Your help and support are greatly appreciated.

Huge shout out and thank you to local community advocate, Michael, for sharing his voice and helping to break stigma in our community. You sir are a‪#‎RockStar‬!

You can message them on FB:

Or find them on the website contact page:

#TheReal5150 don’t ‪#‎livethemadness‬. ‪#‎SaveMart‬ Please help us break stigma in the community.

51 Fifty Energy Drink: The Trump Of Energy Drinks.


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