The Carlos Vieira Foundation and 51 Fifty Energy Drink: What’s going on here?


“In our meeting with Carlos Vieira he told us he didn’t start the energy drink company to make money.He had plenty of money. Carlos said he started the company to fund the foundation, but in looking at the 2013 IRS filing for the foundation, donations from the energy drink company were approximately only 9,000 dollars.

“We can find no evidence that the IRS filling for the foundation for fiscal year 2014 was completed even though it was due to the IRS in November 2015.”

Rhonda Moore, #TheReal5150 TheReal5150 Advocates

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Carlos Vieira Racing 51 Fifty Energy Drink

(Originally posted on Facebook)


Rhonda Moore,, posted this to The Carlos Vieira Foundation page including the video link:

Hello All, Just like to call your attention to the fundraiser by the actual trademark owner of “Race For Autism,” National Foundation for Autism Research based out of San Diego.

Their fundraising goal for their March 2016 walk is $250,000. NFAR has awarded over a MILLION dollars to community programs and classrooms throughout San Diego. Makes the yam farmer, Carlos Vieira, look like the small potato he is.
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