Hey Carlos – #TheReal5150 Are Watching

Rhonda Moore (iamanaddictandaliar.wordpress.com) posted this message on the Carlos Vieira Foundation Page. Rhonda posted this as well – May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Her message in brief: In preparation for this awareness month, #TheReal5150 Advocates are preparing to blitzkrieg 51 Fifty Energy Drink and the company owner’s Carlos Vieira Foundation.

What Rhonda posted on Facebook:

Hey Carlos, In or meeting last year between me, you and Eve Hinson, you were unable to speak to the financial operations of the foundation…said I’d have to get details about questionable fundraising costs to dollars raised information from your bookkeeper. It looks like your 2014 IRS 990 filing for the foundation is still not complete even though it was due in November 2015. ‪#‎TheReal5150‬ Advocates are watching your operations closely.

From Facebook post with the video on my profile page: 

Rhonda and I talk 51 Fifty Energy Drink, Carlos Vieira Foundation, Race For Autism, and NAMI Ca’s to ‪#‎TheReal5150‬ advocacy efforts. (starts at min. 1:00) It’s come to my attention by other advocates, this company has been called repeatedly and asked to do better. The response is they don’t care.

Bang a drum.


More at iamanaddictandaliar.wordpress.com/ & quirkybirdwords.com



Also discussed in this video is NAMI California’s response to #TheReal5150 Advocacy efforts and their connection to this company.


Full text:

Hi Eve,
We have had many meetings with the owners of the brand and are working with on educating them on the stigma surrounding SMI. We are hoping to turn their message into a positive one using their brand to promote awareness and providing information about services as a part of their marketing efforts.

It will be a long road, but we are moving the message forward and using this as an opportunity to work with those who are not aware of how their message triggers others.
They are looking to change their brand in particular the tag line and working with us on how best to move forward.

Thank you for your advocacy. We hope to continue working with them and see a change in their marketing and message.

For more information:

#TheReal5150 Advocates Facebook page

QuirkyBirdWords blog

Boycott of product is over 500 strong on buycott.com

Campaign started on Change.org



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