Woman With Asperger’s Shot Dead

Carlos – Is this what you mean by ‪#‎livethemadness‬? This woman was shot dead.

Let’s chug your drink now and call it a lifestyle choice that helps raise money for those living with autism. Race that car and pretend you aren’t perpetuating stigma to the same folks you say you help. Fucking really?

(Posted a version of this to the Carlos Vieira Foundation Page on Facebook.)

I’ve been trying to keep myself to myself on this one — too much emotion and conflict. I will say however, this is what it means to#livethemadness and need the services and support that #theReal5150 need — there’s nothing badass or cool about this. Makes me think about this asshole out there who markets his energy drink, 51 Fifty Energy Drink, with that slogan and redefined his version of the slang term to mean a lifestyle choice — then he goes on about how great his foundation is, Carlos Vieira Foundation and Race for Autism and the “good” he’s doing for kids. Well, asshole — here’s what happens when those kids grow up. Here’s what happens to my peers with autism when they have the equivalent of a 5150 call – then you market that drink to kids and show off about sports and tell me that your the real 51 Fifty? Bitch …

Tell me now about how much good you do in the name of? Do better – keep your number, change your name.


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