We’re badass and #TheReal5150. We’re peers fighting the stigma of living with a mental illness and fundraising for Fresno’s NAMIWalks yearly event. (Please note: All donations directly benefit the Fresno-area community peers, families and loved ones affected by mental illness. <– That rocks.)

Our team goal is $5000 to be raised. Is this possible? I don’t know, but we’re going to try. (Want to help, join the team here or donate here.)

#TheReal5150 Advocates began in 2015 to let a local company, 51 Fifty Energy Drink, know that their slang use of the term “5150” — California’s Legal Code for “a danger to themselves or others” — was offensive and that their slogan, “Live the Madness,” caused harm.

The campaign caught the attention CBS Sacramento and they aired a story about the controversy. That story went national and was seen on sites like Yahoo! Sports, MSN.com News and Fox affiliate news sites.

#TheReal5150 Advocates met with Carlos Vieira, CEO of 51 Fifty Energy Drink and founder/president of the Carlos Vieira Foundation, to share personal stories of how mental illness stigma harms and what it meant to be #TheReal5150.

We made sure to clearly state: Having a mental illness is not a choice. Being a badass is a choice.

We made sure to share our personal stories of what it meant to experience a real 5150 call and hospitlization. What it meant to need help in a time of crisis.

Carlos replied, “I believe that we all can be greater, we all can be more, and to me, that’s what that expression means. It means make a difference. So that’s who I am. So to change the name, there’s no other name. That’s me, that’s my logo. I’m not in the energy business to be in the energy business. I don’t need money. So change the name? Change the name to what?”

#TheReal5150 Advocates answer has been, and will continue to be: Do better. End stigma. Change your name and show respect to #TheReal5150.

That’s not the only answer. Nope. We’re going to one-up it … peers, please give a middle-finger salute against stigma with us and join us in fundraising for a great local non-profit that directly helps peers, families and loved ones affected by mental illness.

Virtual Walkers and Donations are greatly welcomed  as well.

Just note … On this team, we just happen to be both: Badass & #TheReal5150.  

Thank you for your support.

– Eve Hinson

Team Captain 🙂

Join The Team (Walkers and Virtual Walkers welcome)

Support the team with a donation


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