Boycott 51 Fifty Energy Drink – Meeting Aftermath


(Eve Hinson and Rhonda Moore/#TheReal5150 Advocates)

By Rhonda Moore,

Two days after meeting with the CEO of 51 Fifty Energy Drink, Eve Hinson and I are still a little burned mentally from the experience because of the volume of negative information we have to digest about the company and its related foundation.

livethemadnessboycottThe company is feeling pressure for change. They are doing a can redesign to eliminate the language that truncates the legal meaning of 5150, which is the California Code granting the state the right to involuntarily hold a person with a mental illness who is a danger to themselves, others, and/or is gravely disabled. They are also removing this language from their website.

This is not enough. Their name and slogan, “Live the Madness” printed on the can is utterly offensive and stigma promoting. I realize that I should be proving this to be so rather than just saying it, but my brain is tired and I ask for patience for the release of the written document that details the sham relationship between the company and its foundation, and other tidbits gleaned from the meeting and an analysis of their filings with the Internal Revenue Service along with other publicly accessible documents.

Right now, I’m exhausted and I’d much rather watch my cats stalk each other around corners than pick up my lance and fight windmills. For a more entertaining and guerrilla approach to the campaign, visit THIS SITE in the meantime.


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