I am an addict and a liar: Boycott 51 Fifty Energy Drink – Easy Ways to Get Involved



51 Fifty Energy Drink writes on the About page of their website: For ones who might not know, 51FIFTY (5150) is the California Legal Code for ‘a danger to themselves or others.’ The company fails to add the complete wording of the code which includes “and/or gravely disabled.” They use the slogan, “Live the Madness” on their product, apparel, and advertising.

They are a California based company with limited vendors at present, but they are stocked at Fresh and Easy which has reach into Arizona. Eve Hinson and I partnered on a campaign to raise awareness. We want them to rebrand their offensively named and stigma promoting product.

In early May, a Sacramento news channel ran a story about the offensive name and this story went international. Nugget Market removed the product from their shelves.

Ways to get involved

Contact the company and provide feedback through their website at:http://www.51fiftyenergydrink.com/contact-us.html

A sample letter can be found at the end of this post for your convenience.

Share your story with The Real 5150 campaign by sending an email to TheReal5150Advocates AT gmail. Submissions can be made anonymously. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

Join the active petitions for boycotting the product.

Follow quirkybirdwords.wordpress.com blog.

Follow @quirkybirdwords on Twitter

Post about the issue on Facebook

Hashtag your related posts with #TheReal5150

Let us know what you’ve done! We track activity of the advocacy campaign and are interested in what you’ve done and the result. We have experienced the company blocking us on Twitter and removing posts where they could. If you’ve had similar experiences, please let us know.

This campaign began in April of 2015 and already has had global exposure through Eve Hinson’s Tweets being featured on a news broadcast regarding the offensive name.

Sample text for letter

I am contacting you regarding your offensive and stigma promoting product name and slogan.

Your company fails to recognize the full definition of 5150, which is meant for an individual who is a danger to themselves, a danger to others or gravely disabled. Marketing a product on the backs of the mentally ill or mentally disabled is in poor taste. Using the slogan, “Live the Madness” mocks the loss of freedom, employment and social standing a real 5150 often leads to.

Please reconsider the name.

Re-posted with permission via https://iamanaddictandaliar.wordpress.com


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