Boycott: Letter to Fresh & Easy about 51 Fifty Energy Drink


Wrote a message to the folks at Fresh & Easy via Facebook. I’m a shopper at their store and know them to be supportive of their community in many great ways. It’s my hope they help this campaign and let 51 Fifty Energy Drink company know they need to do better with their name and slogan.

buycott1024Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Folks at Fresh & Easy,

I’m a big fan of your store but am disappointed to see you’re carrying the stigma promoting product, 51 Fifty Energy Drink.

1 in 4 suffer a brain illness. 1 in 17 suffer a serious brain illness. I am that one.

5150 is California’s police code for those who are a danger to themselves or to others during a time of severe crisis. This brand is an insult and reinforces the stigma of having a mental illness.

Having a mental illness is not a choice. Being a badass is a choice.

In the month of May I created a social media awareness campaign titled #TheReal5150. I encourage you to read the what it’s really like to “Live the Madness” of a brain illness and join us in asking this company to do better with their name and slogan.

Carrying this drink is akin to carrying a drink labeled “Retarded: Get your Stupid On.” Or “Get Cancer: Live Like There’s No Tomorrow.” It’s incredibly insulting and promotes stigma. Stigma kills. 90% of folks who die by suicide have an undiagnosed and untreated brain illness. Please help us in breaking the stigma and support those of us in the community who shop at your store by removing these folks from your shelves until they can do better with their name.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Eve Hinson


Petitions:  51 Fifty Energy Drink: Stop Promoting Mental Illness Stigma Boycott: 51Fifty Energy Drink Promotes Mental Illness Stigma


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  1. This is a wonderfully written, well thought out letter. It provides a compelling argument against carrying the product in a thoughtful and even humorous way. Well done! Kudos to you Eve!


  2. Thank you so much!


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