Mental Illness: My Not-So-Secret Dual Life

Dual Life

The Secret Dual Lives Of People Living With Mental Illness … I was thinking about this a few days ago when viewing photos my Kindergartner took of me. Since she is five, she takes photos of whatever she wants and often that includes me, her mama. Her photos show the honest difference of a down day. I don’t mind her taking them because it is a true representation of her life and her love however I look.

Seeing the story and photos from the story of those who suffer from a mental illness and the polarities prompted me to share my Not-So-Secret Dual Life. So here’s the difference between a good day and a day filled with mental illness challenges. I’m sure the difference is clear. I don’t remember the down-day one being taken until I saw it in the gallery. Though, I do believe this is the day my 10-year-old sat in bed with me and read books because my brain was tired.

We talk about mental illness … in terms they can grasp, but as they get older, it’s my hope they are compassionate and more understanding of other humans.

Do you have a dual life?

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