Open Call: Join me in fighting the mental illness stigma

Hello friends. I’m getting personal messages from folks who have had their challenges with mental illness but are bound by stigma to remain silent. However, some want their voices heard too, but fear for their jobs, friends and such (and understandably so). So if you’re one of those folks, please private message me. I want your voice to be heard too and am accepting guest blogs, quotes, personal experience to post on

You tell me how you want the byline listed, anon, screen name, your real name. This isn’t about having the best writing — this is about your story, your experience and helping to fight the stigma. Photos and images of creative pieces that express feelings in this area are welcome as well, as are videos. Just join your voice with ours, however you feel comfortable.

Also welcome are family and friends sharing their experiences with a loved one challenged by a mental illness. Same parameters apply, anon or with your name. Just message me and we’ll work out details.

Together we can make a difference.


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