Art Therapy: “My Art Matters” Call For Artwork

Art Matters: My art matters and your art matters. This is especially significant if you’re on a journey to mental health and wellness. When living in the world of colors, shapes, textures and patterns, the brain does not focus (or is not capable) on anxiety, depression, stress, intrusive thoughts and traumatic memories. At least, that is what I was once told in therapy. I do find creativity can be a mental vacation, a coping skill and helpful in the management of emotions. It’s a reciept of time and a purpose, with a beginning and an end, when days have forgotten their name. Most meaningful, art creates healing.

The Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) has recognized the importance of art, healing and its impact on wellness, recovery, resiliency and hope.  In 2008, the team at Fresno County MHSA started taking photos of consumer pieces to showcase Fresno County artists with the collection titled, “My Art Matters.” They’ve continued the project and recently matched up with the Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement campaign with the latest call for artwork, poetry, photography and other creative ventures. The recruitment is open to everyone and the art is to help end the stigma of mental illness, help others feel understood and supported, and educate and create awareness of mental health.

Fresno County MHSA uses the artwork in many of their projects and to decorate their walls.


To participate call 559.600.6844 or email David Tijerina at

For more information visit the “My Art Matters” on the Fresno County website, and while you’re there check out the gallery of what others have created.

This is a piece I created after attending the Each Mind Matters training in January, 2014.
This is a piece I created after attending the Each Mind Matters training in January, 2014.

Also, you can read the brochure about the program by following the links below:

My Art Matters (PowerPoint) | My Art Matters (PDF)

Note: Learned some of my pieces are already included in this project. They are currently on display at Blue Sky for the July ArtHop presentation. Here’s the photo taken of my piece that’s included in the “My Art Matters” collection.

You know what? It feels good to be included. So beyond awareness, education, and stigma busting, this project fosters the feeling of inclusion and worth. Now, that’s awesome.



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  1. Would like to check out your artwork sometime after a coffee chat!

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    1. OK. That would be awesome. 🙂


  2. randyjw says:

    Your artwork is incredible. You’re so talented!

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