Pregnancy Journal: My Unborn Child, Now 21

April 2, 1993

(8 months pregnant/31 weeks 45 in )

Things You Do Before You Were Born

I can’t rest my arms or lean against the counter without getting a big kick. This morning I leaned back to wash the shampoo out of my hair, my tummy touched the shower wall and you gave me a big kick. It was funny. Sometimes we’ll play to you a musical stuffed squirrel. I think you like listening to that. It plays lullaby baby.

Your daddy loves to feel you move. He gets especially excited if you push your hand or foot up enough so he can feel it, or when you wiggle around so much you make my whole tummy move in big waves. You sleep a lot during the day, but at night you like to play, especially if I’m laying down to sleep.

Your daddy worked real hard the last two days sanding and painting your dresser, desk and shelf. They’re white and green. Real cute. He put them all in your room. Your crib (he painted it white too!) already has the comforter set in it. It has Noah’s Ark on the front. You also have a lot of stuffed animals. Your daddy got them for you when I was only a couple months pregnant.

We both love you so much. So much we can’t wait to meet you and see your little body. Your daddy is going to be there to see you born. The due date is May 25th. It’s not too much longer before we can hold and love on you!



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