Each Mind Matters: Sharing A Story Goes Full Circle

Sharing your story about mental health challenges can help others. I know listening today as professionals and consumers from seven counties talked about successes, and to consider future collaboration as those talks went on, made me feel hope for many in the future.

Telling my story for the first time last month during the Each Mind Matters training was empowering. That wasn’t something I expected. Sharing again, with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a few years, I expressed my gratitude for her and her daughter telling me about their challenges and positive experiences with the mental health behavioral ward. It was those words from five years ago that stuck with me in 2012, during some very dark days, that gave me the courage to ask for help and brave being hospitalized.

On our jaunt during Art Hop, she told me that it was my openness about going on Prozac for depression (This was during our college days in the mid-to-late 90s.) that prompted her to seek treatment back then.

Talk about full-circle. #eachmindmatters

(originally a Facebook comment post on March 8, 2014)



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